"Holistically Raised Kids Become Whole Thriving Adults!"

Jameliah Blount, H.E.Y. Founder 


About H.E.Y

H.E.Y. stands for Holistically Empowered Youth, Inc. A 501 (c)(3) approved nonprofit organization focused on the holistic view of raising children to become self-assured, confident, productive adults with a strong sense of community.

H.E.Y. was created with a purpose to provide support and resources to children, their parents, and the entire community. Through well planned events and activities families are supported and re-energized.

Our areas of focus are:

  • Articulate
  • Self-Assured
  • Well-Rounded
  • Goal-Orientated
  • Community Minded

 Our programs, events, and activities are:

  • Educating and offering support in the form of public discussions, forums, lectures, panels and workshops
  • Providing the resources to help local families who are in need of educational supplies, resources, and extracurricular help
  • Developing awareness through education and activities with the children are able to give back to their schools, their local community and the larger world