Mommyhood Chronicles...

No matter what you might have planned or thought you were going to get done can and will change without any notice when you're a mom. I started living on my newly revised block schedule and had planned out what needed to get accomplished tonight during my business block and then enters Jackson. For those who don’t know he is my 5 year old baby boy. But if he tells it “he’s a man” at least a little one but anyway.

Jackson: mommy, my tummy hurts

Being a mom of 2 and he’s the youngest I have heard this line before as bedtime is approaching and more fun time is being requested.

Me: Ok, Jackson how about you go lay down for a little bit and see how your feel.

Jackson: Ok, mommy. (He goes into his room)

15 minutes later….he enter the room

Jackson: Mommy, my tummy hurts

As I put down the book that I was reading about trademarking.

Me: Ok, well come lay down and we can snuggle until you fall asleep.

Jackson: Ok, as he gets into bed with me (a slight smile on his face)

After a few minutes he gets bored with my bed and wants to back to his own room. I go to call my oldest son, Jordan who is 9 to me. He states, “mommy, Jackson is in the bathroom throwing up and it is everywhere.

In that moment I knew that my blocked business time was over and I began to prepare for a long night. As a mom when your child is sick especially a younger child who can not always articulate exactly what is going on with him. You know that you must stay on alert until the sickness has passed. No deep sleep for me.

So now as I write this at midnight and have cleaned up several disgusting trips to the bathroom and he is now clean, comfortable, in my bed and sleeping. I love him just as much as the moment they put him in my arms.

This is just one example of the many times that my business has to take a backseat to my children. There will always be times where unexpected occurrences will require that you readjust previously planned activities to another time and sometimes even another day. In that moment yes, I was a little frustrated. Not at all with my son as he couldn’t help that he wasn’t feeling well. I took a deep breath and reminded myself that the reason I love being a mom in business is that I have the flexibility to spend time with my children and take care of their needs.

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